Our vision: To develop under the brand #IAMPLASTICFREE an extensive range of innovative, plastic-free alternatives for the catering trade and the retail trade, which can compete in form, quality, and performance with currently available plastic products. With our #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws, we have set the starting signal for this. Now we also have plastic-free bags! Further products will follow. Stay tuned. 


Instead of petroleum-based plastics, we use two-thirds of the starch in our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws, which is obtained from biogenic waste materials such as potato peelings.


In addition, we use a mix of calcium, magnesium, and fiber, which is crucial for the stability and flexibility of the straw. Our straws are therefore fully industrially compostable and do not produce harmful microplastics.



Our #IAMPLASTICFREE Bags consist essentially of starch, obtained from biogenic waste products of the root bulb of the manioc plant, a woody shrub that grows and is cultivated mainly in South America, Africa and large parts of Asia. 

Manioc (also called Cassava) is a basic food in many countries of the world and is comparable in type and composition to the potato in Europe. For our bags, we use raw materials of the cassava root which are not intended to supply the food chain. In addition to manioc, vegetable oil derivatives are also used for production.

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