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A sustainable drinking straw that is in no way inferior to a classic plastic straw without being made of plastic. With this mission, we have founded #IAMPLASTICFREE in 2017. Impossible? Not for us! Our straws are largely made of renewable starch, obtained from biogenic waste materials, such as potato peelings, as well as calcium, magnesium, and fibers, which serve as stabilizers. This means that our drinking straws are free of plastic, without losing the positive properties of a plastic straw, such as flexibility and breakage resistance - made in Europe.


#IAMPLASTICFREE - Plastikfreie Trinkhalme aus biogenen Abfallstoffen

Drinking Straws made of Potato Peelings

Two-thirds of the drinking straws consist of starch, which is obtained from biogenic waste materials such as potato peelings.

Mineral Stabilizers

To give the drinking straw its flexibility and at the same time structure, a mix of calcium, magnesium, and fibers is used.

Made in the EU

The starch used as the basic material for the drinking straws comes from Germany and is produced in the EU. This avoids long transport routes.


A bag of manioc starch

The bags consist mainly of biogenic waste materials of the cassava root, a potato like plant from Africa & Asia.

With vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are added to the manioc starch to ensure that the bag is both tear-resistant and hard-wearing.

Degradable on the home compost

Our bags are harmless to animals and will decompose on the home compost within about 60 days.


Free from microplastics and Co.

     Our products do not consist of the limited raw material mineral oil, the basic material of plastic, and therefore do not contain any plastic components or microplastics.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

All our products are (industrially) compostable. Some even dissolve in home compost within a few weeks. 


     Show the world that there is an alternative to plastic! With our Hashtag our products become your personal statement. 

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A drinking straw that is not made of plastic but is in no way inferior to a plastic straw - we have developed the alternative to the plastic straw. Our drinking straws are made without petroleum-based plastic. Instead, we use sustainable and, to a large extent, renewable resources. The basis for this is starch from potato peel, corn or sugar. The plants come from EU cultivation and are not genetically modified. Furthermore, we only use plants that are no longer available for the production of food or animal feed.

There are many alternatives for disposable plastic drinking straws, but none can even come close to replacing the positive properties such as flexibility and break resistance. While paper straws usually yield and dissolve while drinking, bamboo straws are only much more expensive. With reusable straws, the additional effort of washing them as well as the high one-off costs is a popular argument for not using them. Our starch-based drinking straws offer a sustainable and attractively priced alternative once and for all.

A positive environmental balance can only be achieved if the product is designed and manufactured according to the "from cradle to grave" principle. Our straws are manufactured, produced and ideally also composted in Europe. This corresponds 100 percent to this sustainable concept. 


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