Frequently Asked Questions

We have noted the most frequent questions about our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws here. Should you not find the answer to your question(s) here, please contact us via the contact form or send us an email to

Are your straws really plastic-free?

Our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws do not use petroleum-based plastic. This means that our straws are free of plastic and cannot produce harmful microplastics during composting.

What material are your straws made of?

Our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws are two-thirds starch from sustainable and renewable resources. The basis for this is starch, which is extracted from biogenic waste materials such as potato peelings, corn or sugar. These are therefore specifically raw materials that are no longer available for the production of food or animal feed. It is a matter of course for us that these raw materials are free of genetic engineering. 


The remaining 30 percent consists of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and fibers, which are crucial for the structure and stability of the drinking straw. No plasticizers are used.

What material is the color of the hashtag on your straws made of?

For the printed "#IAMPLASTICFREE" hashtag we use white food coloring. This has the advantage that it is not dangerous for consumption and that the straw remains completely compostable. For this purpose, we work together with the only German printing company that uses food coloring and applies it to the straws using a pad printing process.

Where are your drinking straws made?

#IAMPLASTICFREE straws are manufactured in the EU. The granulate used as the base material for the straws comes from Germany.

Are your drinking straws compostable?

Our #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws are completely biodegradable in industrial composting plants. There are optimal composting conditions with temperatures of 50 degrees and can be composted in a very short time. We do not recommend self-composting, as there are no ideal conditions for the decomposition process (temperature, humidity) and therefore the decomposition process is prolonged accordingly. The exact duration depends on the respective environmental conditions. 

How much do your drinking straws cost?

The prices for our drinking straws vary depending on the size of the straw. In our shop, you can see the prices for our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws transparent and order directly. For higher quantities, we will be happy to make you an individual offer. Use our contact form or send us an email to 

What is the shelf life of your straws?

Since it is a compostable product made of biogenic waste, the life span or durability is limited to approx. 18 to 21 months. Therefore the straws start to decompose slowly after about 1.5 years.

Do your drinking straws already dissolve in the drink?

Unlike plastic straw alternatives, such as paper straws or noodles, our #IAMPLASTICFREE straw does not lose any of its properties during drinking. It does not soften and does not dissolve in the drink after a certain time. The properties are almost 1:1 comparable to a classic plastic straw - without being made of plastic. 

In which sizes are your straws available?

We offer our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws in the following three sizes

  • Size S: 7 x 160 mm
  • Size M: 7 x 210 mm
  • Size L: 8 x 250 mm

You can see further details in our shop.

Are your drinking straws also available without a printed hashtag?

Since our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws do not differ from the usual plastic straws, at first sight, we are convinced that the straw has to communicate this message. Therefore we use the hashtag "#IAMPLASTICFREE" on all our straws. This is a charming way of making it clear to the guest or customer that plastic-free straws are used. The print in the form of a hashtag also encourages sharing the drink including the straw online via social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

Can your straws be printed individually?

In consultation with you, we generally offer companies the possibility of co-branding. This means that in addition to our #IAMPLASTICFREE hashtag, a brand logo, slogan or similar can be printed on the straw. A minimum purchase quantity is required for this. If you are interested, please contact us via contact form or mail to and we will send you all the details.

Are your drinking straws edible?

Even if our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws are made of e.g. potato starch, they are not edible.

Are your straws heat resistant?

Our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws are ideal for cold drinks, such as lemonades, long drinks or cocktails. Our straws can also be used for lukewarm drinks up to 30 degrees. However, our drinking straws are not suitable for drinks that are usually hotter than 30 degrees, such as coffee or tea.

How do you send the straws and how long does it take to ship them?

Our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws are shipped via DHL. Normally you will receive your delivery within a few working days, if not otherwise communicated in the shop. The exact delivery time depends on the payment method.

Which materials do you use for the shipping of the straws?

Many of our customers are already familiar with it and some of them may have been a bit surprised about the package they received when they placed their first order. Because we use already used packages and packaging material again. We do not only collect our packages but also get packaging materials from some "suppliers" from our circle of acquaintances or small shops in the neighborhood. All true to the motto: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.